Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Question For Jonathan Coulton

The good people at recently posted a contest where readers can comment on the article here and enter for a chance to win Jonathan Coulton's new DVD "Best. Concert. Ever." Mr. Coulton will read the comments and mentioned that he would like them to be witty. I spent more time than was necessary on my comment, and I feel that it deserves to be preserved forever in a place where I can admire it. The full text of my comment is copied below.
begin quoted text

Mr. Coulton, your musical prowess is most impressive, but that is obvious. My question is: would you agree to be frozen so that, in the event of a nuclear armageddon, you could be revived to carry music onto future generations of humanity? If so, would you require that your family also be frozen to keep you company in the future? If the person that was offering to freeze you was me, and I told you that it was a one day offer, could you be at my secret lab this afternoon?

end quoted text

My cryogenic freezer and I await your response Mr. Coulton.

-That is all

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